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Name:Morgan Grimes
Location:Burbank, California, United States of America
Name: Morgan Grimes
Nickname(s): The Bearded One, Organ (teased with as a kid), Ass Man (Assistant Manager), Little Elf (from Casey)
Aliases: Cobra (Self-given), Morgan Santos (from Chuck), Michael Carmichael (Self-given)
Occupation: Buy More manager, intelligence operative
Family: Bolonia Garcia Bogonvia Grimes (mother), Michael "Big Mike" Tucker (de facto stepfather)
Love Interest: Alex McHugh (John Casey's daughter)
Affiliation: Operation Bartowski: John Casey (partner), Sarah Walker (team member), Chuck Bartowski (best friend/team member)
Friends: Dr. Ellie Woodcomb, Dr. Devon Woodcomb aka "Captain Awesome", Buy More employees
Bio: Morgan Grimes and Chuck Bartowski have been best friends since they were six years old. Much of that time Chuck has looked out for and protected Morgan, including from bullies, but Morgan has also been there for him through many of the most difficult moments of Chuck's life. When Chuck and Ellie's mother left, Morgan was there even though they were both too young to understand what it meant. He's worked at the Buy More since 2003, and has held the title of Assistant manager, and currently is the Store Manager.

He was unaware at first of Chuck's spy life, but now is a valued member of the team, partnered with John Casey. A man he respects, and fears. More so now that he is dating his daughter Alex McHugh.

[Muse and mun are over the age of 18. Morgan Grimes is from the NBC show.]
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